Business Process Outsourcing

Vara Infotech has strong Banking experience along with Expertise in all areas of the customer life-cycle. Our exclusive Data analytics and reporting capability helps us serve leading Banks in India.

Our 4 key delivery centers Pan-India are Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai (Vashi & Andheri) with 350 seats (scalable model) & Real time connectivity through MPLS networking between HUB and RO (PAN-India). This enables us to handle over 10 lac applications, 35 lac images having TAT is less than 4 hours in 60% of transactions and TAT is less than 24 hours in 90% of transactions with assured quality.

We have Significantly lowered our cost of delivery through Common resource pool & Centralized support and maintenance. Cost reduction through enhanced productivity, reduced TATs. We follow a continuous process improvement plan and promote automation of the same.

Our CCTV monitoring and recording, 100% power back-up, Perimeter access control & Data confidentiality and security enables us to create a Business continuity plans with Standard operating procedures & Regular audits and User training.

Our Fully configurable template design & Dynamic setting of validation and business logic with Dedicated in house software development team & Customizable solutions gives us a competitive edge in the BPO arena.


Value Delivered in BPO Segment

Customer Onboarding

We created a Centralized Shared service model that helped in the reduction of Processing time by over 35% using proprietary suite of application and BOTS.

Customer Servicing

We enabled Centralized processing of legal notices that helped Improved TAT and caused the Standardization of notices across branches to aid increase in Accuracy to over 99.90%. Thus, TAT less than 2 hours is achieved consistently.

Ancilliary Services

We conducted consolidation of activities happening across PAN India bank branches resulting in better control and change management

Channel Partner Processing

We developed an offline application for end to end automation of payout calculation to provide an Accuracy of over 99.99% which is achieved consistently. This helped improved TAT by 67%.


BPO Services We Offer

Vara offers the following set of BPO services for midsized and big enterprises:

CASA application

  • Reconciliation & Numbering
  • Scanning & Indexing
  • 1st level data entry
  • 2nd level data entry
  • Quality check on captured data & saving data
  • MIS report sharing with client
  • 400 applications per day
  • Centralized offsite data processing from Mumbai
  • TAT of 4 hours
  • 99.50% accuracy

Credit card application processing

  • Reconciliation & Numbering
  • Scanning & Indexing
  • Image uploaded to Central Server
  • 1st level Data processing
  • Quality Check
  • Output generation
  • Retrieval of images on client request
  • Reduced cost basis the system driven process
  • Better co-ordination amongst channels resulting in reduction of rejection cases

Loan application processing

  • Reconciliation & Numbering
  • Scanning & Indexing
  • Image uploaded to Central Server
  • 1st level Data Basic Data Capture & FI Initiation
  • Quality Check
  • CAM Preparation
  • Jewel Loan Saral From Verification
  • I Gold From Verification Services
  • 2000 applications per day
  • Centralized offsite processing at Hyderabad
  • TAT of 4 hours
  • 98.5% accuracy

Document Digitization

  • Reconciliation & Numbering
  • In warding of documents
  • Preparation of documents
  • Scanning & Indexing
  • Image upload in server
  • De-preparation of documents
  • Hand over of physical documents
  • Accuracy - 100%
  • Timelines - 100%

Payout Processing

  • Receipt of input file from Bank
  • Input file uploading in Vara's application
  • Processing of input file as per the logic defined by Bank
  • Output file generation through Vara's application
  • Verification of output file
  • Modification in output file if required
  • Final Payout file sharing with Bank
  • 40 payouts per month
  • Centralized offsite processing at Mumbai
  • TAT for Sourcing payout - 1 day
  • TAT for Collection payout - 3 days
  • 99.90% accuracy

Cheque processing

  • Log into client's application
  • Data capture in client's application
  • Quality check on captured data
  • Final data submission in client's application
  • 4 Lac cheques per month
  • Centralized offsite processing at Mumbai
  • TAT of 2 hours
  • 99.8% accuracy
PDC Management

Inward PDC Management

  • Receipt of cheques at client's location
  • Counting & reconciliation of cheques
  • In warding of cheques in client's application
  • Scrutiny of cheques
  • Data Entry of cheque details in client's system
  • Stamping of LAN no.
  • Vaulting of cheques
  • Pull out of cheques in case of foreclosure, cancellation, swap
  • 30,000 cheques per month
  • Centralized onsite processing at Mumbai
  • TAT of 1 day
  • 99.80% accuracy

Outward PDC Management

  • Receipt of presentation file from client
  • Pull out of cheques as per presentation cycle
  • Segregation of MICR & Non MICR cheques
  • Sorting of cheques as per requirement
  • Batch creation & scheduling of cheques
  • Dispatch of cheques
  • Returned Cheque Management
  • 30,000 cheques per month
  • Centralized onsite processing at Mumbai
  • TAT of 4 days
  • 100% accuracy
  • Receipt of customer details from Bank
  • Data reconciliation and uploading in our application
  • Processing of data as per defined template
  • Output PDF file generation through our application
  • Segregation of consignment as per Pin code and Dispatch mode
  • Printing and Dispatch of Notices
  • POD Details updation in Vara's application
  • RTO case management
  • 1 Lac Notices per month
  • Centralized offsite processing at Mumbai
  • TAT of 3 days
  • 100% accuracy
  • Recruitment Support
  • Statutory Compliances
  • Employee Background Checks
  • Payroll Management
  • Infrastructure Support